Why Kids Need to Balance Studies and Extracurricular Activities

Balancing studying and hobbiesAbout 88 percent of kids joined organized activities four to five days per week, and 58 percent of them do more than one every evening. Two thoughts come to mind when parents think of extracurricular activities. The first one is kids need to busy themselves with these structured activities. The other thought could be that extracurricular activities could take a toll on families and the child.

How can such activities do more harm than good?

Children Should Not Overdo Extracurricular Activities

Charter schools like City Academy believe that learning continues well after the bell rings, which is why activities are set outside the four corners of the classroom. High grades and extracurricular activities matter when your kid is set to enter college.

But some students may be overdoing their extracurricular activities. There’s a growing demand for children to participate in such activities that it’s affecting families. Children don’t spend enough time at home because they have a schedule with a certain club or an organization.

After spending much of their day in sports clubs or music lessons, children barely have enough energy to bond with their family. In the end, the activities become too much for everyone.

Kids Need to Balance Activities

It’s normal for you to ensure that your kids are doing well in school. But there has to be a balance between your child’s schedule and their time to rest and bond with their family. Here’s how you can help.

  • Make sure that your child is getting enough sleep despite being too busy. Sleep deprivation won’t do them any good.
  • Give them “free time” to hang out with their friends or to do something they love. Exploration doesn’t end with extracurricular activities.
  • Tell them that it’s important that they have time to sit down at the dinner table with the entire family. Grabbing a quick bite is not enough.

Being busy with school and extracurricular activities isn’t bad. But being too busy that a child barely has time to rest or spend time with your family is not good. Parents can help their child arrange all these in a way that won’t tire the child or take most of his or her time.