Why Late Spring is the Ideal Time to Repaint Home Exteriors

Couple Painting House Walls

Indeed, there is a time for everything. You have to plan your actions well enough before lifting a finger to make sure that your efforts are worth it. This is true when it comes to repainting the house exterior.

You need to find an appropriate time when the paint will cure at a proper rate when the temperatures are consistently warm, and the occurrence of rain is far in between.

Late Spring Is Best

Timing is criticalto making any exterior painting job successful. Even as technology greatly evolved in the modern day, it remains impossible to get good results if the surface you painted goes through exposure to moisture before, during, or after you finish the job.

There must be no significant drop in temperatures when you decide to get on if you want the best results. Work closely with the expert painters and decorators in Wellington, such as Capital Decorators Ltd, to make a schedule about the overhaul.

Professionals know exactly when to time the job given all the factors that may get in the way of its success or failure.

How Often Matters, Too

When we talk about timing and painting, it is not only about the ideal time. It is also about how often it is advisable to repaint the exteriors for better kerb appeal. Remember that the exteriors first greet your guests, giving them a starting point to make an impression about your house.

Also, there is that need to do regular maintenance to avoid costly repairs in the future. As a guide point, wood sidings require a repaint between 3-7 years, while aluminum sidings need at least five years before it gets a new paint. For cement fibre board, you may wait 10-15 years.

Factors that might demand if you require an exterior paint job include the weather, the result of the previous paint job, and how well you can take good care of your home.